Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often result in injuries that are much more extensive than a collision involving larger vehicles. Unfortunately for the bike rider, they could do everything right while operating a motorcycle and still receive critical or even fatal injuries. Even with every safety device imaginable, riding a bike on today’s busy highways is a dangerous proposition. Many people say that with motorcycles, it’s not a question of if a rider will be involved in an accident; it’s a question of when.

Inattentive Car and Truck Drivers
The failure of other drivers to see the motorcycle rider is the leading cause of accidents. Motorcycles are so much smaller than a traditional vehicle that many car and truck operators can look right at them and just not see them. Additionally, some feel that they don’t need to give the smaller vehicle enough space or that the bike can stop in a shorter distance than is possible.. Whether a car or truck pulls out in front of a motorcycle or sideswipes it while changing lanes, it is usually devastating to the bike rider. Because they have little in the way of protection between them and the other vehicle, they can easily be thrown or crushed.

Driver Error
Of course, motorcycle riders are not without fault. Inexperienced or inattentive operators are the cause of many motorcycle accidents. While it will cause a problem in any vehicle, it takes only a second of distraction or one wrong move to cause a major problem on a bike. Even more experienced bike owners will sometimes push their motorcycles past acceptable limits. They may exceed safe speed limits or attempt to make a turn too sharp for their capabilities. Even a little loose gravel that a driver fails to notice could quickly result in a dropped bike and a bad case of road rash.

Wear Your Helmet
Even if there is no helmet law where you typically ride, use a little common sense, and wear an approved helmet and other safety gear. A fun afternoon ride could easily change the course of the rest of your life. While safety gear won’t guarantee your safety, it will go a long way towards ensuring you make it home in one piece.

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