Common Causes of Truck Accidents

On the roadways, truck accidents rank as some of the most catastrophic in terms of damage and physical injury. The sheer size of trucks makes them obvious candidates for destruction, and there are many things that can go wrong for drivers. The most common causes of truck accidents have to do with driver incompetence and mechanical failure, stemming both from negligence and poor manufacturing.

Issues with the driver
Truck drivers are in control of tons of force on the road. This means that one small mistake or minor slip-up can create a difficult situation for other drivers. Excessive speeding has long been a noted cause of truck accidents, but that’s not the only issue. In many instances, truckers fail to adhere to the mandatory rest rules designed to keep them fresh. Drivers operating on little or no sleep are more likely to make a mistake and this remains a huge problem.

Other driver failures might include:
*Passing in a no-pass zone
*Following too close to other trucks
*Leaving the vehicle too close to the roadway in the emergency lane

Likewise, certain issues can arise with passenger vehicles out on the roadway. Drivers often underestimate the speed of large trucks and passing trucks on the interstate can create a dangerous situation.

Mechanical failure
With such large vehicles in question, it goes without saying that brakes are an important consideration. Brake failure can happen over time for a number of reasons. For one, they may have serious defects caused by the manufacturer. In this case, the brakes will give out prematurely, prior to scheduled maintenance. Other times, brake failure is due to negligence on the part of the driver or trucking company. By not regularly servicing the brakes, companies and drivers open up the possibility of an accident.

Other mechanical issues might include the truck’s trailer coming unhitched from the actual carrier. These situations are incredibly dangerous, since the driver has no control over where the runaway trailer is headed.

Commercial company issues
Taking a look at the big picture, companies can be blamed for some of the issues on the road. Often times, companies provide inadequate training for new drivers, thus putting unskilled individuals into dangerous situations. Another company commercial problem is the arrangement of a compensation system that encourages drivers to speed or cut corners.

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