Hit and Run Accidents

While there are laws in each of the fifty states that clearly outline the illegality of leaving the scene of a car accident, there are still those who ignore both the law and basic decency. A common scenario for such is that in which a driver accidentally collides with an unoccupied vehicle in a parking lot or other confined, high-traffic space and flees the scene without leaving insurance details or otherwise attempting to make contact with the owner of the other vehicle.

While such can throw up all manner of insurance difficulties for the other driver, such poor behavior is a minor annoyance when compared to more serious instances of hit-and-run car accidents. In a small number of cases, the party at fault in a collision which causes personal injury or death may not only flee the scene but neglect to alert the necessary authorities that an accident has occurred.

Unfortunately, in many cases such offenders manage to escape scot-free. Indeed, it can be extremely difficult to identify the perpetrator once they have initially fled the scene, particularly if they manage to cover the damage to their own vehicle before they are found. More commonly, however, a witness will be able to record their license plate number. Some witnesses will even go as far as to pursue the driver until they stop and submit the relevant details or turn themselves in. Alternatively, they may be able to tail the driver in order to prove their details and location to the authorities.

Even in cases where such is not possible, it may still be possible to identify and prosecute the hit-and-run driver. If the accident is sufficiently serious, police may alert local mechanics to the details of the damage rendered to the driver’s car, and they may therefore be able to report the driver to the authorities when they attempt to have their vehicle repaired. This may allow police to further investigate the vehicle for evidence of blood, paint from the other vehicle or other evidence which can confirm that the vehicle was, in fact, the one involved in the hit-and-run accident.

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