What Slip and Fall Liability Clients Need to Know

Slip and Fall Liability clients want to know four basic pieces of information about their personal injury lawyer:

1. Can this case be won?
2. How long will it take?
3. What is your approach to cases similar to theirs?
4. Have you handled many previously?

This may be slightly different than information the personal injury attorney wants to convey to slip and fall liability clients. There is, of course, a different set of information for each side in a case, the defendant and the plaintiff. Both should contact their attorney immediately.

If the client is the plaintiff, you must understand that they are likely operating from a mood of surprise, possible fear, and quite frequently pain that can be severe or debilitating. Head, neck, spine and other joint pain can be long lasting and disruptive. The slip and fall liability client needs to know that damages can be claimed for all related medical and recuperative services for their injury. The client also should know that these cases can drag on for months to years before a settlement or court award is made.

If the client is the defendant in a slip and fall liability case, they need to know that they will be pursued for any and all possible damages from the injury. They need to document the situation with regard to time, conditions, weather related activity, normal care at the business, hazard control and how the incident was handled and by whom. They need to provide all photographs and documentation, as will the plaintiff. A witness list with contact information should be assembled.

Explain exactly how the law office conducts this type of business, including free consultations, billing, out-of-pocket costs, meetings, and settlement negotiation procedures. Stay in contact with each other; the case could stretch out for a long time. This is exactly the right time to let a defendant or plaintiff know important facts about your legal experience, qualifications, contact personnel, and to let them know how many similar cases you and your firm has won previously. Tracing liability and negligence can be difficult and time consuming.

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